Ti simera ti avrio ti tora – Marika Ninou

Marika Ninou sings Ti simera ti avrio ti tora, a legendary Greek song which translates to “It could be today, tomorrow or even now” in English.

Ti simera ti avrio ti tora is actually a Greek phrase of the everyday language that means “it’s going to happen anyway”, so time actually doesn’t matter, it could be whatever day.

This song was the break up song for Vassilis Tsitsanis who composed the song and Marika Ninou who sung it. It was anyway a relationship with many ups and downs.

The relationship between Tsitsanis – Ninou

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Vasilis Tsitsanis and Marika Ninou

In early 1950s, Tsitsanis and Ninou became a couple not only in music but also in life, although Tsitsanis was married.

Ninou wanted him to take divorce and marry her, but Tsitsanis had no such intention. Titsanis thought that this relationship had an expiration date, but Ninou was becoming increasingly more opressive.

Tsitsanis had started recording his new songs with Ninou which were becoming all huge hits, and are still considered classics in Greek music. Ninou demanded that she were the only singer of his songs, but Tsitsanis told her that she could not sing everything.

In March 1954 Tsitsanis gave Ninou a song titled “Ti simera ti avrio ti tora” and of course she understood that the lyrics were actually refering to her. She was so sad that she did not manage to record the song at that time. The recording took place some time later.

The original lyrics of the song Ti simera ti avrio ti tora were written by Gerasimos Tsakalos following the order of Tsitsanis, who made just a few additions to the lyrics.

Ti simera ti avrio ti tora 

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