Ti sou kana kai pineis – Poly Panou

Poly Panou sings “Ti sou kana kai pineis” a known and beloved Greek Laiko song, which translates “What have I done to you and you are drinking” in English.  Poly Panou marked this song with her characteristic and distinctive voice, singing the song in 1968 in the movie ‘Olga my love”.

The song “Ti sou kana kai pineis” knew a second career recently, as the band “Apenanti” with the clear voice of Melina Aslanidou adapted it and re- introduced it to the Greek Music Scene.

The song is a characteristic zeibeikiko dance, a heavy love song. No matter which performance you like best, the truth is that the song itself is way too powerful and too gripping. The song is simply written but in a very intense and captivating way “the pains that they are killing you are double pains for me, the tears you are shedding are dripping in my heart”.. Simple and painful, exactly like love sometimes. Is there anyone really who hasn’t sang these lyrics, in pain and distress because love is uncertain and insecure?

Pain of love is bitting and pinning even in the relationship, when a wrong behavior and a misunderstanding upset the lovers. The more you love, the easier you get hurt – people  tend to cause pain to each other consciously or not, but the result is the same “bitter eyes are pinned right down to the floor”. But when in love “the pains that they are killing you are double pains for me”.

Ti sou kana kai pineis 

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