Tifles Elpides – Giannis Kotsiras

Giannis Kotsiras sings “Tifles Elpides”, a Greek song which in English means “Blind Hopes”.

Hopes don’t have territories and flags, they don’t require passports, but still…There is something in this song, in its lyrics and music that is so Greek, so deeply tragic and again full of some joy. Is that just a typical Greek junction, or are we all a little bit Greeks? What makes us develop and nurture those blind hopes, rooted in nothing but a pure desire?

“I let myself to the way you looked at me, I believed your words, I fell into the fire”, sings Giannis, slowly, tragically, helplessly. And who is to blame here? The one who’s been longing or the one who maybe played the game/teased? Did that other one lay the game? Or do we just heard what we wanted, saw what we wanted ?

Tifles Elpides 

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