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Manolis Mitsias sings the song To Parti , a Greek song written by Lina Nikolakopoulou and composed by Kiki Lesendric. The song is translated to “The Party” in English.

The song “To parti” is a very emotional song; it was heard for the first time in Mitsias’ album “Sto dromo me ta chalkina” and almost ten years later it was sung again by Michalis Hatzigiannis, who gave the song a more modern feeling.

The original version is deeper, more touching and more “desperate”. The lyrics of the song refer to a lost love.

“I am crying for love but i don’t forgive her” writes Lina Nikolakopoulou… betrayal and abandonment, the worst things that someone can experience in love.

Love ends.. but how can you stop thinking of the person you love? When night falls, things become worse and the past gets alive again and makes us want to go back to what we have loved.. and then the lyrics change…

I cry for love but she is not moved.. Love has died and the only thing left is the memory and pain for the past.

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  1. Who is playing the guitar?
    Beautiful and very very moving.
    Each time I stop doing whatever I’m doing, sit down and listen. “To parti” is in my top 5 of songs by Mitsias


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