To Tango Tis Nefelis – Haris Alexiou

Haris Alexiou sings To Tango Tis Nefelis, which translates in English as “Nefeli’s Tango”, a romantic mythological and lyrical interpretation of Loreena McKennitt’s instrumental song known as Tango To Evora.

How soothing this melody is! How probing is the perfectly suited voice of Alexiou when she, like the waves coming and going of the shores, sings about the nymph of clouds, Nefeli, and ”two little angels who were dreaming of Nefeli and wanted to feed her pomegranate and honey, so that she could not remember, so that she would forget what she wanted.”

From the very first pounding sounds of “Nefeli’s Tango”, you to sing along, to dance, to be in the arms of your beloved one, to close your eyes and let yourself be taken on the mythological journey when love, fantasies, seduction, and innocence are weaved so playfully. And when you know that at the end, despite of everything and because of everything, “the benevolent Zeus” saves Nefeli, “turns her into a cloud and disperses her so that they could not find her”.

Canadian musician, songwriter, and producer Loreena McKennitt, known for her instrumentals and her very refined soprano voice, published this tango on her 1991’s album “Visit”. It didn’t take long before Alexiou, moved by the passionate melody, found her own inspiration in it and painted it with the Greek touch.

To Tango Tis Nefelis 

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