To Tsambasin – English lyrics

The lyrics of the song To Tsambasin by Petros Gaitanos translated to English

Tsambasin – Petros Gaitanos – English Lyrics

Tsambasin is burnt
and, alas, only the walls have remained
And they ran to save it,
the men of Ordu.
And it is burnt to cinders
the grassland of Ordu
Nothing more is left there
except ashes!
Tsambasin is burnt,
my God, nothing more has remained
The ridges and the grasslands
do not grow any more grass.
Enormous fire in Tsambasin,
alas, not even a house has remained
Old and young men, the poor and the rich
were crying alongside.
The birds of God are crying,
alas, the eyes from the wells are crying
Chabluk and Karakyol is crying
The beautiful pine trees are crying

To Tsambasin 

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