To Tsambasin – Petros Gaitanos

Petros Gaitanos sings Tsambasin, one of the most known traditional songs from Pontus. The song refers to the ravage of Tsambasin, a town in Pontus. It is written in the local dialect, that is why it is hard for the Greeks as well to understand the lyrics. It is a combination of the language spoken by the people of Pontus along with Greek and turkish words.

The song was originally recorded by Stelios Kazantzidis, although since then many singers have sung it as well, including Petros Gaitanos, Pantelis Thalassinos and more. The song Tsambasin belongs to the Kotsaris dance, which is one of the two most known dances from Pontus (along with Serra or Pyrichios).

Music, Lyrics: unknown (traditional song)

To Tsambasin 

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