Tou Ai Giorgi – English Lyrics

The Lyrics of the song Tou Ai Giorgi by Alkistis Protopsalti translated to English

Tou Ai Giorgi – English Lyrics

Over the shoulder ridges
spring is coming
It is all around on the wing
it is forgetting me

Day of joy
what life are you bearing?
You are taking the road
without me

Birds of the sky
embrace me!
The mountain is filling
with burning candles

There’s the morning star, dawn is coming
I am begging God
but the light as it grows stronger
does not bring me, does not bring me
the one I love.

Your name is a flower
scented depth
Tell the girls
not to say it

on a day like this
into Saint George’s ear
when all the songs
are weeping for love.

Tou Ai Giorgi 

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