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Ta deilina - Vicky Moscholiou

Ta deilina – Vicky Moscholiou

Vicky Moscholiou sings a loved Greek song called Ta deilina, which means the Nightfall in English. Ta deilina is a hasapiko song, written by Giorgos Zambetas and Haralambos Vasileiadis. The stentorian and deep voice of Vicky Moscholiou is just perfect for this song, as her sensitivity combined with her pride made this performance really unique […]

Tha pio apopse to feggari - Giannis Poulopoulos

Tha pio apopse to feggari – Giannis Poulopoulos

Giannis Poulopoulos sings “Tha pio apopse to feggari” a lovely hasapiko song which means “I will drink the moon tonight”. Good old times of – the cheesy but popular and easy to watch – Greek cinema. ┬áThe song was heard for the first time in the movie “Gorgones kai magkes” which means Mermaids and Buster […]