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Anthropoi monahoi - Vicky Moscholiou

Vicky Moscholiou sings Anthropoi monahoi, a Greek song which translates to "Lonely people". "Anthropoi Monahoi" is one of the most notable songs sang by Vicky Moscholiou. It has been sang by Litsa Diamanti and Haris Alexiou, but Moscholiou has marked it with her voice. Anthropoi monahoi is a song about loneliness, about all these people […]

Ta deilina - Vicky Moscholiou

Vicky Moscholiou sings a loved Greek song called Ta deilina, which means the Nightfall in English. Ta deilina is a hasapiko song, written by Giorgos Zambetas and Haralambos Vasileiadis. The stentorian and deep voice of Vicky Moscholiou is just perfect for this song, as her sensitivity combined with her pride made this performance really unique […]

Den ksero poso s'agapo - Vicky Moscholiou

Vicky Moscholiou sings "Den ksero poso s'agapo" a famous Greek song meaning "I don't know how much I love you". The song "Den ksero poso s agapo" refers to a strong and big love, that cannot be measured or limited, as there is no measure for love. We can say "I don't know how much […]