Anthropoi monahoi – Vicky Moscholiou

Vicky Moscholiou sings Anthropoi monahoi, a Greek song which translates to “Lonely people”.

“Anthropoi Monahoi” is one of the most notable songs sang by Vicky Moscholiou. It has been sang by Litsa Diamanti and Haris Alexiou, but Moscholiou has marked it with her voice.

Anthropoi monahoi is a song about loneliness, about all these people who live alone forgotten by the others, and not by choice. There are people who live alone like the rocks of the sea, and their world is completely empty.

It is a sad song, truly melancholic and heavyhearted, although quite true. There are people who live alone either by choice or because their fate brought it this way.

The worst thing is that some people are lonely, although they don’t live alone. This is probably one of the saddest things in life, because being lonely while among people means that the others cannot understand and feel you.

The song Anthropoi monahoi is composed by Giannis Spanos and written by Giannis Kalamitsis. It was heard for the first time in 1977.

Anthropoi monahoi 

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