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Anoiksi - Sofia Vossou

Sofia Vossou sings Anoiksi, which means "Spring" in English. Anoiksi is one of the most popular Greek love songs we have ever sent to the Eurovision song contest, and of course one of the most popular songs for Spring, the season when everything blooms, along with our hearts. Anoiksi is a rhythmic song composed and […]

Filaraki - Sofia Vossou

Sofia Vossou sings Filaraki, a very popular Greek song which in English means “Little friend”. Nights at the beach? Who didn’t have them? And somebody was playing guitar and some people were singing and you were singing along…”Filaraki” is that kind of a song that everybody remembers when remembers long nights at beaches, even if […]

Na koimithoume aggalia - Vassilis Papakonstantinou

Vasilis Papakonstantinou sings Na koimithoume aggalia, a Greek song which means in English “Let’s fall asleep in an embrace”. An tender as love can be, as safe as “falling asleep in an embrace” is, this song turn our senses into a mellow field of dreams, stars, waves, roses… Love rains from every verse, in a […]