Filaraki – Sofia Vossou

Sofia Vossou sings Filaraki, a very popular Greek song which in English means “Little friend”.

Nights at the beach? Who didn’t have them? And somebody was playing guitar and some people were singing and you were singing along…”Filaraki” is that kind of a song that everybody remembers when remembers long nights at beaches, even if it was played by someone who was just learning to play those vicious six strings…Greeks simply adore this song, it enlightens their youth, it brings memories, it teases a smile…

However it’s not the happiest song ever. But youth doesn’t come all in a foil of happiness. First loves and first losses, first disappointments and first dilemmas, attempts to find a console in bars and endless smokes, sleepless nights…”I the corridors of my mind I seek for you”, because there is no other way out of the eternal loneliness, as it feels. It seems like the world is falling on us, nobody really loves us, and we are just scare, simply scare to “call you on the phone to tell you how lonely I am”. The only hideout we imagine is a little friend, filaraki,”to tell me that he really loves me (since you, too, have disappeared)”


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