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Mazi sou - Peggy Zina

Mazi sou – Peggy Zina

Peggy Zina sings Mazi sou, a lovely Greek song about love, which translates to “With you”. Mazi sou is a song for the pain and sorrow we feel when we are away from the one we love. Peggy Zina  is of course the best to sing about loss, since her performances are always very strong […]

Noima - Peggy Zina

Noima – Peggy Zina

Peggy Zina sings Noima, a Greek Song that translates to “Meaning” in English. This is one of the most popular songs released a few years ago, written and composed by Giorgos Theofanous. Noima is a song that we all understand and feel, as we all have said at some point “What is the meaning of […]