Noima – Peggy Zina

Peggy Zina sings Noima, a Greek Song that translates to “Meaning” in English. This is one of the most popular songs released a few years ago, written and composed by Giorgos Theofanous.

Noima is a song that we all understand and feel, as we all have said at some point “What is the meaning of life if we cannot be together”? This is a question we have all asked, a question that never finds its answer… The meaning is lost or hard to be found when we cannot be with the person that completes us, that makes our days and nights. “dreams that seem like butts” – that’s how life seems to be when we are alone, without our love.

Noima is a beloved song, and Peggy Zina sung it with passion and intensity, making us all sing about the meaning of life when love is absent.

Lyrics: Giorgos Theofanous
Music: Giorgos Theofanous
Performed by: Peggy Zina

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