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Kopse kai moirase - Eleonora Zouganeli

Eleonora Zouganeli sings Kopse kai moirase, a song which means Cut and deal, a very dynamic love song released in 2009. Eleonora Zouganeli is a very interesting case in modern Greek music, with lovely voice and presence and some songs that have already left their mark. Kopse kai Moirase is an intriguing song, both in […]

Ela - Eleonora Zouganeli

Eleonora Zouganeli sings Ela, a Greek song which means "come" in English. The song is composed and written by Sanni Baltzi. The song is modern, very likeable among young people as it expresses in their own language their love issues and problems. Come, I cannot stand being outside again, come, I don't have a good […]