Ela – Eleonora Zouganeli

Eleonora Zouganeli sings Ela, a Greek song which means “come” in English. The song is composed and written by Sanni Baltzi.

The song is modern, very likeable among young people as it expresses in their own language their love issues and problems. Come, I cannot stand being outside again, come, I don’t have a good time with friends at night… words easily said by a person who admits to have made a mistake with his life and his love life in particular and feels the urge to call his lover back, explaining the mistakes and the current situation in his life.

Eleonora Zouganeli is a young and fresh singer, who has already gained a special place in the hearts of the Greek audience, especially up to 40 years old, with her refreshing and somewhat different style and her gentle appearance and voice.

Ela Zouganeli 

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