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Didymoteicho blues - Lavrentis Mahairitsas & Giorgos Ntalaras

Lavrentis Mahairitsas and Giorgos Ntalaras sing Didymoteicho blues, a famous Greek song which translates to "Blues from Didymoteicho". Didymoteicho blues is probably one of the most popular songs by Mahairitsas, who wrote the music of the song, while the lyrics were written by Giannis Bach Spyropoulos . The participation of Ntalaras in its performance played […]

Imifos - Lavrentis Mahairitsas, Babis Stokas

Lavrentis Mahairitsas and Babis Stokas sing a lovely Greek song called Imifos, which means Half Light in English. Imifos is a song about the beginning of loss between a couple, a couple the at is together but also so far away, even if at the same place. Doesn't it always start like that? Some one […]

Ekei sto Noto - Lavrentis Mahairitsas, Babis Stokas

Lavrentis Mahairitsas & Babis Stokas sing Ekei sto Noto, a Greek song which in English means “There, in the South”. “Ekei sto Noto” is a song about love and remembrance with a simple, typical question of the memory keeper – “Which city, which country, which sea travels you now?” It doesn’t hurt that that love […]