Imifos – Lavrentis Mahairitsas, Babis Stokas

Lavrentis Mahairitsas and Babis Stokas sing a lovely Greek song called Imifos, which means Half Light in English. Imifos is a song about the beginning of loss between a couple, a couple the at is together but also so far away, even if at the same place.

Doesn’t it always start like that? Some one who is absent minded, present but absent, with his mind traveling somewhere else, some how else. And always someone is there to notice it and wait as always, hoping and wondering. What is this that keeps the other person away, away from things familiar and strange, away from his other half? When we figure out that there is something wrong it’s always painful and stressful, but it is always a part that we cannot avoid when in relationships.

The song Imifos is written by Lavrentis Mahairitsas.

Lyrics: Elia Zervou
Music: Lavrentis Mahairitsas
Performance: Lavrentis Mahairitsas


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