Ekei sto Noto – Lavrentis Mahairitsas, Babis Stokas

Lavrentis Mahairitsas & Babis Stokas sing Ekei sto Noto, a Greek song which in English means “There, in the South”.

“Ekei sto Noto” is a song about love and remembrance with a simple, typical question of the memory keeper – “Which city, which country, which sea travels you now?” It doesn’t hurt that that love was maybe a night long, a month maybe, or who knows what moment of life! When it happened, it was real, it was honest and long awaited – “like an empty seat I travelled for years looking for the appropriate body”.

What emptiness it is when sounds of death and love are the only noise we recognize, when a journey itself is nothing but waiting for something that loses it name and meaning because of such an extended expectation? When there is no compassion and when en empty pack of cigarettes becomes a lucky strike? And then, that almost burned out desire, treated by “the smoke with a kiss”, turned the world upside down?

“I was falling like a coin in your black depth” says it all.

Ekei sto Noto 

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