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To palio mou palto - Christos Dantis

Christos Dantis sings To palio mou palto, a Greek song that means My old coat. It is a ballad, a love song actually, although the first reading or hearing of the verses doesn't remind us of a typical love song. To palio mou palto is a song about an old self, that we all tend […]

Gia na se ekdikitho - Dimitris Mitropanos, Lakis Papadopoulos

Dimitris Mitropanos and Lakis Papadopoulos sing Gia na se ekdikitho, a Greek song that translates into "To take revenge from you". Gia na se ekdikitho is a song considered the hymn of the separated, the ones who broke up with their partner in a not good way. Yet, it is quite weird if you notice […]