To palio mou palto – Christos Dantis

Christos Dantis sings To palio mou palto, a Greek song that means My old coat. It is a ballad, a love song actually, although the first reading or hearing of the verses doesn’t remind us of a typical love song. To palio mou palto is a song about an old self, that we all tend to leave behind, or even forget sometimes somewhere, as we change, and become something else, something different.

To palio mou palto is a reminder of old feelings, things that made us feel good and warm, details that made us enjoy life – have fun even in stormy weather. And who can take care of this “old coat” rather than our beloved one?

Christos Dantis sings the song with passion and it is considered one of his best performances ever, as his deep and throaty voice is ideal for this kind of song.

Music:Lakis Papadopoulos
Lyrics: Sanni Baltzi
Performed by: Christos Dantis

To palio mou palto 

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