Gia na se ekdikitho – Dimitris Mitropanos, Lakis Papadopoulos

Dimitris Mitropanos and Lakis Papadopoulos sing Gia na se ekdikitho, a Greek song that translates into “To take revenge from you”.

Gia na se ekdikitho is a song considered the hymn of the separated, the ones who broke up with their partner in a not good way. Yet, it is quite weird if you notice the lyrics, because the song doesn’t refer to revenge, but to the pain of the abandoned lover.  I throw away souvenirs and gifts, I tear apart your pictures… hard to consider these actions a revenge, but they fit perfectly the scenario of a person enraged by the loss of love, and maybe by treason.

Gia na se ekdikitho is a song we have all played during a break up time; it’s obviously the most proper song to describe our anger and sorrow, a song that helps us heal the wounds left open by the loss of the lover.  The lyric voice of Mitropanos and the rock attributes of Lakis Papadopoulos fit perfectly with each other and create an amazingly powerful result.

Lyrics: Kiriakos Doumos
Music:  Lakis Papadopoulos
Performed by: Lakis Papadopoulos,  Dimitris Mitropanos



Gia na se ekdikitho 

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