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Ksimeronei - Haris Alexiou

Haris Alexiou sings Ksimeronei, a Greek song which means "It's dawning" in English. Ksimeronei is a truly lovely song, one of the most known songs performed by Haroula Alexiou. It is composed by Antonis Vardis with lyrics by Haris Alexiou herself. Ksimeronei is a love song about the pain we feel each and every day […]

Apopse thelo na pio - Haris Alexiou

Apopse thelo na pio sings Haris Alexiou, one of her best latest songs, which translates to “Tonight I want to drink” in English. Apopse thelo na pio is a lovely zeibekiko song, written by Antonis Vardis; Alexiou has already proved that she can speak directly to our hearts, and this one just comes to add […]

Mou heis kanei ti zoi mou kolasi - Giannis Parios

Giannis Parios sings " Mou heis kanei ti zoi mou kolasi" a Greek song that means "You have made my life a hell" in English. Giannis Parios is the ultimate love singer in Greek Music, a man who knows how to express love, pain and desire the best with his melodious and tender voice. Parios […]