Ksimeronei – Haris Alexiou

Haris Alexiou sings Ksimeronei, a Greek song which means “It’s dawning” in English.

Ksimeronei is a truly lovely song, one of the most known songs performed by Haroula Alexiou. It is composed by Antonis Vardis with lyrics by Haris Alexiou herself.

Ksimeronei is a love song about the pain we feel each and every day that we live without the person we love. The day is dawning but the sun light cannot reach us, since loneliness covers us with its darkness. The only thing we can think about is where our love could be, which arms hug him/her now and that our heart cries for this love…

Ksimeronei is one of the songs that allows Alexiou to show the full spectrum of her wonderful voice; a great critic once wrote that you can understand how nice and powerful her voice is in this song just listening to the “aaaaa” she sings during the chorus (refrain) of the song.

In any case, Alexiou’s voice is tender and emotional enough, but also laiki enough to enhance and support this song beautifully, making it one of her best songs.

Ksimeronei was released in 1980 and gave its title to the entire album of Haris Alexiou.


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