Apopse thelo na pio – Haris Alexiou

Apopse thelo na pio sings Haris Alexiou, one of her best latest songs, which translates to “Tonight I want to drink” in English.

Apopse thelo na pio is a lovely zeibekiko song, written by Antonis Vardis; Alexiou has already proved that she can speak directly to our hearts, and this one just comes to add to that conclusion.

Apopse thelo na pio is a song that many broken hearts would sing when figuring out that their life doesn’t exist anymore as they knew it, when a love leaves. The problems and mysteries of love will always exist and torment us. Love without pain doesn’t exist as it seems and Greeks usually dance and drink their loves and pains out.

When the heart suffers everyone behaves and reacts differently; some people drink to forget, to remember nothing of the past, erase forget everyone and everything seeking for salvation to drinking.

Apopse thelo na pio 

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