Poso s’agapo – Dimitra Galani

Dimitra Galani sings Poso s’agapo, a Greek song which translates to “How much I love you”. Poso s’agapo is a love song by Manos Loizos and Lefteris Papadopoulos.

Poso s’agapo  is a beautiful and tender song, full of deep love. The words tenderness and emotion  can describe this song more than any other. The lyrics of Papadopoulos in Poso s’agapo are overflowing with feelings of love … it is a Greek song filled with images of love and affection. Moreover when we are in love and live with our better half, everything around us seems to us more beautiful, more intense, more creative.

It’s like giving us all reasons to explore the world of nature with the other, as if to reinvent something together, even if ultimately it is something well known and familiar.

“Let me show you the roses
the green, red, the homes, the yards “..

And finally the only thing we can say is “how much I love you”, from the depth of our hearts,because these few words are enough to finally express what we feel as a whole.

Dimitra Galani at Poso s’agapo proves once again why she is one of the greatest Greek singers, and why she manages with the passion of her voice to awaken our feelings of love and affection. The first performance of the song ever belongs to Aliki Vougiouklaki from the movie “Alice dictator”, while the first official recording belongs to Dimitra Galani. The song has been performed by various singers, for example: Poso s’agapo with Giannis Kotsiras.

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  1. Dimitra Galani has to be the top Greek artist. In her youth she sang with such depth of feeling, and has progressed vocally to epic depths, her voice being akin to great opera singers.

    Keep it going,
    we love you.


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