Yanni and Mozart Effect

What does Yanni and Mozart have in common? Except for the musical genious, their music seems to provoke the famous reaction called Mozart Effect. A composition from the album Live At the Acropolis , “Acroyali / Standing in Motion“, is … Read more


Yanni, the romantic Greek composer Yanni or Yannis Chryssomallis is a popular keyboardist and Greek composer,  born on November 14, 1954 and raised in Kalamata, Greece. Yanni is one of the greatest representatives of Greek music abroad, being one of … Read more

Santorini – Yanni

Yanni plays the song Santorini, an instrumental Greek song dedicated to the amazing island of Santorini in Greece, one of the world’s most beautiful islands. It comes as no surprise that the gifted Greek composer Yanni created one of his … Read more

Nostalgia – Yanni

Yanni is one of the most known Greek composers abroad, beloved in the other side of the Atlantic, where he spent the biggest part of his creative time, composing some of the most popular instrumental songs in Word Music. Yanni … Read more

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