A brighter day – Helena Paparizou

Helena Paparizou sings A brighter day, a song with English lyrics that started its “career” as “Antitheseis”, one of the most successful Greek songs performed by Helena Paparizou in the previous years.

Helena Paparizou, soon after her great success in the Eurovision song contest decided to release an album with Greek songs in English lyrics, the “Euro edition”  album, which was released in many European countries, reaching the top 10 charts in many countries, especially the Scandinavian countries where Paparizou is famous and popular.

A brighter day is a love song; a song about the power of love that gives people in love the strength to overcome problems and look for a better tomorrow. After all, Paparizou is known for her optimistic love songs.

It’s another day, for you and me let the sun shine
Cause when life gets tough and things are rough we’ll still be fine
Through the sorrow
And the heartaches
There’s a way out
We can find it..

A brighter day 

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