A Valse of True Romance – Lolek

Lolek sings A Valse of True Romance, a song which stands out today in the alternative scene of Greek music.

Lolek is a young Greek composer and lyric writer who has managed to make himself – and his band – known soon after they released their first album, due to the nice and intriguing sound.

The Valse of true romance is a modern valse, which has nothing to do with what we are used to listen in Greek music. You have probably noticed lately that there are certain young  artists that make new age, modern and alternative music with a retro sound – such as Lolek and Monika. No matter how much we like old Greek songs, we cannot ignore this new sound in Greek music which is very appealing and very promising as well.

Lolek is a young mechanic who got bored of the corporate working and way of living and decided to start working in music, since it loved it so much. He was already known to certain circles with his band Bolek and Lolek that took its name after the famous Polish cartoon. When “Bolek” left to Russia, Lolek was left Alone – the title of his first solo album – and started singing with great success in several music stages in Athens.

The Valse of a True Romance is tender and soft, the sound is familiar and warm like a valse, but in an interesting new way of singing.

A Valse of True Romance 

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