Agapao ki adiaforo – Haris Alexiou

Haris Alexiou sings Agapao ki adiaforo, a famous Greek song which translates to “I’ m in love and I care about nothing” in English.

The song Agapao ki adiaforo is a song written and composed by Nikolas Asimos. It was first performed by Vassilis Papakonstantinou.

Agapao ki adiaforo is a tender and sensitive song, quite characteristic of the songs that Asimos used to write and compose.

Nikolas Asimos was a rather controversial personality; he was a little bit on the underground side, an unconventional artist, who used to write provocative songs for his time.

Asimos was writing love songs and political songs. Even his love songs had some political notions and were considered somewhat unusual.

Agapao ki adiaforo is one of these love songs dedicated to people who try to find their self in their relationship. When you love you can afford not caring about anything else. Trying to love our self the same way we love the other person is equally important and can be something truly life changing when and if it happens.

Agapao ki adiaforo is a song  written and composed in 1988 and it is a classic Greek love song.

Agapaw ki adiaforw 

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