Akatallili skini – Michalis Hatzigiannis

Michalis Hatzigiannis sings Akatallili skini, a Greek song which translates to “X-rated scene” in English.

Akatallili skini is one of the songs released in the third and homonym album of Hatzigiannis in 2004. It is considered one of the most successful songs of the famous Greek singer, since it remained in the Greek top 10 charts for 5 months, topping the list for several consecutive weeks.

Akatallili skini is a song that describes the accumulative tension just before the “x rated scene” occurs. A young couple feels the steam increasing, but they haven’t managed to come close yet; what can be more normal than feel the need to express desire?

“Who of both of us dares to make the first move One word, one touch, just for start”.. we have all been there: the first awkward moments, when you are waiting for the other to make the first move, but at some point you just need to take the initiative and lead the things where they are supposed to go anyway.

There comes a moment when feelings are becoming something like an untamed beast, which demands. Love can be quite demanding and uncontrollable when the much needed contact is yet to happen.

Hatzigiannis has always been great in expressing these kinds of feelings in his songs and manages to catch the young people’s beat, expressing it in a rhythmic and melodious way.

Akatallili skini 

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