Akrogialies Dilina – English Lyrics

The lyrics of the song Akrogialies Dilina by Dimitra Galani translated to English

Lyrics: Vasilis Tsitsanis
Music: Vasilis Tsitsanis
Performed by: Dimitra Galani

Akrogialies Dilina – Dimitra Galani

Dusk is fallin all over and the night
is unfolding deep darkness around
a girl, a stranger, is wandering
as a shadow, alone on earth.

Without a shame, she is seeking
the sun that is already gone,
in the dark, trying to find him.
She may have been allured
by seashores and sunsets
which may keep the poor heart
for ever as a slave.

She may even – who knows –
have lost her mind after all
and then who’ll care to ask
and ever find out why…

Akrogialies Dilina 

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