An einai i agapi amartia – Tzeni Vanou

Tzeni Vanou sings An einai i agapi amartia, one of the most known Greek laika songs, which means “If love is a sin”. An einai i agapi amartia is a love song, written by Elias Limperopoulos, on the music composed by Mimis Plessas. This is one of Vanou’s most famous and beloved songs, and definitely one of those few people can deny having sung at some point in their life. Although the song was written for a person of doubtful ethics at that time, today it has taken a much wider notion, referring to any condemned and ignored or scorned love.

Love is a passion and a sentiment that cannot be erased due to social beliefs or demands; Tzeni Vanou sings the song with the necessary strength and believe – the lyrics of the song  “I will go out and yell it and admit that I am a sinner for loving you” are very powerful lyrics, because they simply denote what we all think when we love : that we are in love and we don’t care about anything.

An einai i agapi amartia 

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