An isoun agapi – Helena Paparizou

When Helena Paparizou sings such a rhythmic Greek song, as the song “An Isoun Agapi“, no one can just pass. An Isoun Agapi is a love song, translated to “If you were love” in English.

The beloved Greek Singer Helena Paparizou returns to discography after some time, with a new album called “Giro apo to oneiro”, which means “Around the Dream”.

Recently, the new video clip of the song An isoun Agapi was released, and became instantly popular among Helena’s fans. The video clip is made by Konstantinos Rigos  and the song is composed by Giorgos Sambanis.

If you were love you would hold me, You would not open your hands to let me go, says Helena, reminding us of all these moments that we wonder how is it possible that the person we love can let us go like that. When you really love someone, you do everything to keep him/her close to you.

A burning love cannot freeze, love doesn’t stand still; it finds the way to get alive again and become the fairytale we wish for our life.

An isoun agapi 

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