An s’ arnitho agapi mou – Kostas Chatzis

Kostas Chatzis sings An s’ arnitho agapi mou, a classic Greek song which was released in 1961 for the first time and was originally heard in the movie “Ftochadakia kai leftades”.

An s’ arnitho agapi mou is a classic love song; who hasn’t sung these lovely lyrics written by Danai Stratigopoulou? After all, these loving lyrics were combined with the playful and entertaining music composed by Mimmis Plessas.

The song An s’ arnitho agapi mou has written its own history in Greek music. Most people do not know that the first performance belongs to Kostas Chatzis, because later that year Tzeni Vanou also performed the song and this version is usually most known and popular.

It is estimated that during the 50 years that An s’ arnitho agapi mou exists in Greek music, there have been 50 different  versions – almost one per year if you think about it! And this is a definitely admirable number considering that it started as a movie song.

Christianna, Giovanna, Arvanitaki, Maria Markesini, Giota Negka, Alexia and many more artists have left their own voice – print on the song with their performances and the different orchestrations of the song that made An s’ arnitho agapi mou  sound like new each and every time.

After all, An s’ arnitho agapi mou does sound new every time, as if it’s a new love.




An s’ arnitho agapi mou 

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