Anna min klais – Giannis Koutras

Giannis Koutras sings Anna min klais, a Greek song which translates to “Anna don’t cry” in English.

Anna min klais is a song whose music is composed by Thanos Mikroutsikos based on poetry written by Bretold Brecht. The Greek lyrics are written by Marios Ploritis.

Anna min klais is a political song released back in 1978, during a controversial and transitional time for Greece. The country was going through rough times because of the re-establishment of the democracy in the country that was trying to stand again on its feet and focus again on a new goal.

Anna min klais seems to be αν evergreen song, especially during these times of the severe economical crisis in Greece. Times are again inauspicious and unpromising, as all people are going through harsh times.

“They are talking about glorious times again” says the song. Maybe these times will come again, but for now people have to deal with all these circumstances that make them feel grumpy, uncertain, afraid. There will always be factors that will jeopardize our freedom and our rights; but people should never rest, should never lose their hopes and try to achieve a better future.

Anna min klais is a song that tries to inspire hope and fight against everything that goes against human rights. Greek Music has always been a source of inspiration and encouragement during difficult times.

Anna min klais 

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