Asma Asmaton – Irene Pappas

On Easter Day, we decided to post Asma Asmaton by Irene Pappas, one of the most significant poem-songs of the religious tradition, as presented in the Holy Bible.

Asma Asmaton has its special position in Greek music as well. Asma asmaton is one of the popular Greek Easter hymns, especially in some islands where there are both Orthodox and Catholic Greeks.

The poem “Asma Asmaton” is really extraordinary and proves the ideal vehicle for Irene Papas to show her dramatic skills as the actress who also plays the ancient Greek dramas. Apparently, it conveys a rather love ode from a man to a woman and vice-versa, in a modern way, since the lyrics are adapted by Lefteris Papadopoulos.

Asma Asmaton, or the Song of the Songs as it is translated in English, is a poem that was included in the Holy Bible, despite the controversy among Rabbis who considered it improper for the holy books due to its direct references to love. However, a Rabbi who was for the inclusion of the Song of Songs in the Bible managed to persuade the rest and indeed, Asma Asmaton is part of the Bible.

It is one of the shortest books in the Bible, consisting of only 117 verses. According to the Jewish tradition, it is read on Shabbat that falls during the intermediate days of Passover.

Asma Asmaton is supposedly written by King Solomon at the 4th century BC. This poem – song is included in Vangelis‘ album Rapsodies.

Asma Asmaton 

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