Athina – Nana Mouskouri

Nana Mouskouri sings “Athina” a Greek song dedicated to the beautiful capital of Greece, Athens.

There is that specific and deep love that you carry wherever you go – love for the streets you walked up and down million times, a store where your favorite toy was calling your name, a bakery at the corner, school yard and best friends, first shy kiss in the park, first tears because of love, skies that only learned your dreams and whishes….Innocence, protection, belonging, longing for “the immortal name of yours”

This song is love for Athina, “joy of the Earth and dawn”, epicenter of ancient times and myths, “heaven’s garden”…It’s a pearl you carry forever in your soul and finally so that one day “one night on the beach” actually, you will become its seashell; to keep its name, its spirit, its timelessness and glory, all love it has been giving you…and love you learned and found inside the “small azure lily”. Nana Mouskouri, a worldwide famous Greek singer,  sings this song with the tenderness and love that suits to Athens, on the melody of Manos Hadjidakis.


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