Ayo Technology – Katerina Avgoustakis

Katerina Avgoustakis sings Ayo Technology, a very known pop song, which made a huge impact when released a couple of years ago.

It’s always good referring to well known Greek artists, but it’s also good to mention and get to know young people who make Greek music and the Greek spirit known abroad. Katerina is a young artist, and a beautiful girl who lives in Belgium and makes the name of Greece known, being so talented and open hearted with her country of origin. Having received recognition abroad, Katerina is one of the artists of pop culture we lay our hopes on for the future.

Here we see her singing a popular song in English Lyrics, Ayo Technology, also sung by 50 cent. it’s a rhythmic and dynamic song, very much played in bars and clubs, due to its sexy atmosphere.

Ayo Technology 

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