C’est la vie – Despoina Vandi

Despoina Vandi sings the song C’est la vie with English Lyrics, a song written and composed by Foivos. Does the song sound familiar? Obviously! It is the English version of an older song by Despoina called “Simera” (today).

C’est la vie borrows its title from the famous French phrase used all over the world to refer to something that cannot be changed, because that’s life…

C’est la vie lyrics refer exactly to that: how life brings new things and disrupts every balance and everything we knew in our life; there comes a moment that everything we had dreamt about, everything we have been building disappears, and we are left behind to stare at the ruins. But, c’est la vie, nothing you can do, nothing to change there.

This is even more obvious in relationships. We begin an affair with someone, we fall in love, we think that we will be together for ever, and then something happens and all these dreams and hopes simply fall apart.

C est la vie is a cute ballad both in its English and Greek version and gave the title to Despoina’s new CD that was recently released.

C'est la vie 

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