Christougenna Protochronia – Efi Sarri

Efi Sarri sings Christougenna Protochronia, a funny Greek song about Christmas and the New Year, which is translated to “Christmas and New Year” in English.

Christougenna Protochronia is a song that bears the personal touch of the singer, who always manages to provoke comments – positive or not it doesn’t really matter that much – with her songs, and mostly with her attitude and looks.

As Christmas and New Year’s Eve are approaching, Efi Sarri decided to spread Christmas spirit dressed as Sexy Santa in her video clip for the song Christougenna Protochronia.

She has two rather unique Santa Clauses on her side, and Efi Sarri feels in love, so everything is absolutely magic around her. Watch Efi Sarri sing:

“Christmas, New Year
this is our year
I feel so in love with you

Christmas, New Year
everything around us is magic
Me and you happy together”

So, let us all share her joy and spirit and feel absolutely in love and happy as well, and let’s have a truly nice New Year, with much love, happiness and better mood!


Christougenna Protochronia 

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