Come Along Now – Despina Vandi

Despina Vandi sings Come Along Now, a song in English Lyrics written and composed by Foivos.

The song Come Along Now was released in English Lyrics first, back in 2004, as part of a commercial for a very popular soda drink. A few months later it was released in Greek as well, although the song with the Greek Lyrics was not that successful – or nice we may add.

The song was played during the Olympic Games in Athens, since the soda drink company was one of the major sponsors of the Olympic Games.

The song Come Along Now is an upbeat song, a great song to be played in clubs – and it really played a lot that summer of 2004. Both Vandi and Foivos as the creator of the song were quite much in the spirit of the times, creating a catchy and singable song, making Greeks and foreigners dance at the rhythm of the song during that great summer.

The song Come Along Now was included in the European Charts, as one of the top songs of the year.

Come Along Now 

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