December 1903 – Sokratis Malamas

Sokratis Malamas sings the song December 1903, based on a poem written by the great Greek poet Konstantinos Κavafis. “December 1903” is a love song based on a passionate love poem.

The love – erotic feeling that dominates the soul of the poet is evident in Kavafis’ entire work and his every day life, coloring his words and his thoughts. Although Kavafis doesn’t deal with love with the same intensity of other creators, and although he doesn’t think of love as the absolute point of life and poetic creation, he does accept the importance in his life. The man of his desire has dominated his mind, his soul, his dreams and thoughts, every aspect of his life.

The ambiguity that characterizes the poems of Kavafis is based on the known feelings and orientation of the poet that has made his feelings and desires even more important.

Kavafis has left his love dominate him and he expresses his feelings through his verses.

Sokratis Malamas has put melody on this poem in a truly great effort to present the poem in a melodious way that is truly remarkable for the Greek music.

December 1903 

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