Demis Roussos World Tour

Demis Roussos, the famous Greek Singer, who has managed to sell millions of records worldwide, will go on a World Tour, marking his come back to the music stages in Europe and the US. The Demis Roussos World Tour 2010 – 2011 will be an anniversary World Tour, allowing the renowned vocalist to celebrate his 40 years career in the Arts.

The full schedule of the Concert Tour is not yet announced, however, Roussos chose to begin his tour at his homeland. He will sing at the Herodium Odeon in Athens, beneath the Acropolis, in one of the most spectacular and historical open theaters in the World. Demis Roussos announced that he will give all the money to the Greek State, recognizing its current difficulties, in a rather symbolic move.

After forty years of career, Demis Roussos returned in late 2009 with a new album in English, which denotes his connection with soul music and the rock elements. Roussos himself said that this album, called “Demis” is an album that marks his return: “Back to the roots, back to the tracks”. The new album is blending influences from Rock and Blues to Soul and Disco.

Demis Roussos World Tour Dates

June 25th: “Herodion Theatre” ATHENS/GREECE
October 17th: “Crocus Theatre” MOSCOW/RUSSIA
December 4th: “Sala Palatuli” BUCHAREST/ROMANIA

The schedule of the World Tour will be updated once all dates are officially announced.

demis roussos world tour 2010

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  1. please inform me when Demis will be touring in the U.S. My husband and his older brother were huge fans. I would love to buy tickets to surprise my husband. I would like to give him a little bit of his childhood memories back.

    Thank you. Sincerely, Doreen Sabbagh

  2. When is Holland the happy country for a concert! Please tell us some dates for this year. I’ll even go to Greece for it.


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