Den teleionei etsi i agapi – Tamta

Tamta sings Den Teleionei Etsi i agapi, a Greek song which translates to Love doesn’t end like this.

The song Den teleionei etsi i agapi became very popular right away, especially among the younger generation that thinks high of Tamta anyway. The song refers to what we all want to believe in a relationship: that despite problems, disagreements, arguments, fears and even separations, love doesn’t end like this… A heart that knows how to love, like a fire that burning slowly beats for ever.

Love is the strongest feeling and the only one that gives us a motive to confront and overcome all our problems. Everything can get better and fixed – or at least this is what we want to believe and hope for. Tamta sings this song in a very tender and cute way, and you cannot really help it but like it.

Den teleionei etsi i agapi 

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