Despoina Vandi talks about love and her childhood

Despoina Vandi talks about love, her childhood and refers to the social racism that she experienced in her early years.

Despoina Vandi, who is one of the most popular Greek singers today, gave an interview talking about happiness, love, passion, her family and the tough childhood. She disclosed hidden angles of her personality and refered to the rejections she had experienced when she was a child.

Vandi gave an interview to a known Greek magazine saying:

“Many times I heard talking about me, thinking that they are maybe referring to someone else.

In a job like this with all the eyes on you, it does not mean that the others know your heart or your soul.

I have been through some very tough situations like many other people, but I have also felt very intensely due to the acceptance and love of people”.

Vandi referred to her childhood as well, saying that she has experienced rejection. “My parents were workers, so I do know what social racism is. When the teacher at school embarrasses you in front of your schoolmates – mind you I could not afford buying a notebook  – the heart of the child is traumatized”.

Vandi also denoted that one of her fears is death: ” I think that the biggest pain we can experience is seeing people we love leaving “.

She also admitted that she has experienced many moments of happiness and that she wants more of them to come. Vandi also noted that when she loves someone she cannot reject him from her life easily.

Finally, when she was asked about the role of passion in her life, Vandi said: “There is always passion in a relationship, but it lasts for the first two years. Then it changes. At the moment I adore my children, I have a passionate relationship with them and I cannot define my love for them in any other way ” .

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