Didymoteicho blues – English lyrics

The lyrics of the song Didymoteicho blues by Lavrentis Mahairitsas and Giorgos Ntalaras translated to English

Didymoteicho blues – English lyrics

In 1976 just before the sunrise
I took a ship, white like a fridge
like a hospital

In ’76, as in a bad joke,
like a cold surgery, the national monster
sent me to Chios (island)

A legendary walkon with my profile shred
soaking, sweaty, rotten summer,
shorn napes

Ethnic faction, parasites, harassment,
the same clientele from cine Omonoia
like a cheap cologne

In 76 I closed my eyes,
I smoked a cigarette end, I disapeared from the map
Dante’s hell

Like a disarmed, fake revolutionist
I had my alibi, my crippled dog,
I had my mission

I faltered “Yes Sir”, two months went by,
another ten were left, and here I am in Chaidari
young people in a furnace

I was hiding it from everybody like a smasher
I told myself: it will pass, I am the shelterer
a gift and a nightmare

Didymoteicho Blues…..

Next to me, there is Athens, like a siren for Ulysses
popular show case, the world’s belly button
behind me and in front of me

Many years like a tavern, like a gnome
a state of the friends of Greece, the love of emptiness
poetic freedom

In any case, back to my story
to my green unwashed clothes, to my wakeups
to my mute watchtower

To my transfer, to my crazy mind
to my hoarse morning, to my this, to my that,
here I am in front of Didymoteicho

Didymoteicho blues, with an untuned guitar,
Didymoteichoblues, my lost penny,
Didymoteichoblues, my dirty comb
my wet cigarettes, rotten fruit in the containers
Didymoteicho blues

Didymoteicho blues, it’s name is the reason,
Didymoteicho blues, a hole in the map,
Didymoteicho blues, an empty photograph
this absurd (reasonless) service
my stresful masturbation

Didymoteicho blues…….

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