Eksaireseis – Rous

Rous sings the song Eksaireseis, one of the most popular Greek songs that were recently released. The song Eksaireseis is translated to Exceptions in English.

Eksaireseis is a song that made a huge impact on the young audience, although it was loved by many other people of all ages as well.

“You know i like you, but don’t believe me”… this verse was pretty impressive and stayed as a moto for many people. It is a weird verse if you think about it. It’s as if you hit on someone but then you ask him not to trust you, because in this world there are no rules, but just exceptions. On the other hand, this could be a very honest approach, which is rare in relationships and love.

The song Eksaireseis has a very pleasant rhythm and this is the reason why it managed to become so popular so fast. Broken – or not- hearts found a truth in these lyrics because we all feel hurt and disappointed by the loves we don’t manage to live, or the ones that we abandon because we are afraid to experience them.

Rous, known also as Giorgos Roussetos is a new singer, quite promising one though!

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