Ena tragoudi gia tin Eleni – Giorgos Dalaras

Giorgos Dalaras sings Ena tragoudi gia tin Eleni, a Greek song which translates to “A song for Helen”. The song Ena tragoudi gia tin Eleni is composed by Goran Bregovic and written by Haris and Panos Katsimihas. It is a song referring to Christmas in a non typical way.

Giorgos Dalaras sings a song about those days of childhood that mark our lives in a very weird way; memories from childhood and holidays can be truly defining in our lives, especially when they are full of misfortunes and incomprehensible things. Dreams about life become alive especially during holidays, during Christmas and New Year. These days are sometimes filled with dreams and whys when dreams cannot be fulfilled.

This song is not the typical Christmas song but it’s good to occasionally remember that not everything is rose in life.. not even in holidays…

Ena tragoudi gia tin Eleni 

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